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Your TalentIndex is ranked among 30,000,000+ resumes in HumanRank. We are working hard to bring you a large system with professional services:

  • 30,000,000+ resumes
  • 20,000+ ranked universities
  • 200,000+ ranked companies
  • 30,000+ ranked journals, conferences
Growing rapidly

We release new occupation every month. You can evaluate your resume, Linkedin or Facebook profiles in these 38 occupations:

  • Software Engineers, Computer Scientists, Electrical/Electronics Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Nuclear Engineers, Materials Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Mining and Geological Engineers, Marine Engineers, Civil Engineers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Logisticians, Cost Estimator, Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate, Management Analysts, Budget Analysts, Fundraisers, Market Research Analysts, Human Resources Specialists, Loan Officers, Financial Analysts, Accountants and Auditors, Financial Managers, Operation Research Analysts, Economists, Floral Designers, Fashion Designers, Industrial Designers, Personal Financial Advisors, Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Interior Designers.
  • More careers coming soon
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Enjoy new features Search & Map

TalentSearch includes a Control Panel with filters for each resume section so you can quickly find and compare specific talents. You can find talents based on:

  • University
  • Degree
  • Company
  • Position
  • Skill
  • Award
  • Conference

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With TalentMap, you can compare your ranking visually with others in a specific geographic location, and you can use the "Control Panel" to select different occupations and display levels including:

  • Country: view average, min, and max scores of countries
  • State: view average, min, and max scores of states of countries
  • City: view average, min, and max scores of cities in the world
  • Company/University: view average, min, and max scores of companies/universities in the world
  • Individual: view the score of and individual professional
  • Nationality: view average, min, and max scores of people grouped by nationalities

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