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Your TalentIndex is ranked among 30,000,000+ resumes in HumanRank. We are working hard to bring you a large system with professional services:

  • 30,000,000+ resumes
  • 17,000+ ranked universities
  • 200,000+ ranked companies
  • 30,000+ ranked journals, conferences
Growing rapidly

We release new occupation every month. You can evaluate your resume, Linkedin or Facebook profiles in these 14 occupations:

  • Software Engineers, Computer Scientists, Electrical/Electronics Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Nuclear Engineers, Materials Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Mining and Geological Engineers
  • More careers coming soon
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Enjoy new features Search & Map

TalentSearch includes a Control Panel with filters for each resume section so you can quickly find and compare specific talents. You can find talents based on:

  • University
  • Degree
  • Company
  • Position
  • Skill
  • Award
  • Conference

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With TalentMap, you can compare your ranking visually with others in a specific geographic location, and you can use the "Control Panel" to select different occupations and display levels including:

  • Country: view average, min, and max scores of countries
  • State: view average, min, and max scores of states of countries
  • City: view average, min, and max scores of cities in the world
  • Company/University: view average, min, and max scores of companies/universities in the world
  • Individual: view the score of and individual professional
  • Nationality: view average, min, and max scores of people grouped by nationalities

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